Who Are We?

We are Wild Eagles.

Our traditional local scout group was found in 1961 and is now active at Espoo’s Suurpelto’s and Olari’s area. At the moment we have seven active groups. Altogether we have over a hundred members in WE. Our official meeting place is at Sammalkalliontie 5 and Espoo International School, at Opinmäki.

We are an active and positive local group. We are known for our entertaining overnight trips and camps. Come and experience amazing team spirit and supportive community.

Our weekend trips are usually located at Espoo’s Nuuksio National Park and at Kirkkonummi. We spend our nights either in comfortable tents and bivouacs or in huts.

Wild Eagles are best known for its supporting union, Wild Eagles Guild, who is producing OEK– songbook. That specific blue book is Finland’s bestseller scout songbook and at the same time Finlands Scouters’ official songbook.

Our scout necker is blue and it has an eagle head- badge. The Eagle pictures strength, courage and bravery as well as longing for freedom.