Plan B Summer Camp 21.-25.7. at Kotkanpesä

OEK-WE summer  camp will be at Kotkanpesä camp site in Evitskog, Kirkkonummi. Camp is for all age groups from cubs to adults.

21.-23.7. is the cub scout camp. Camp fee is 40€.
23.-25.7. is the adventurer camp. Camp fee is 40€.

Trackers can at the camp total 5 days or just a few days. Camp fee for the whole camp is 40€ and daily fee is 20€.

Explores, rovers and adults who are in leader positions the camp is free of charge. You can attend the whole time or just a couple days. Your help is very important to us.

Join in  Kuksa before 9.7. We’ll charge the camp fee by Kuksa.  We can take in only 50 campers because of the Corona regulations. All activities etc are planned by the suggestions given by the authorities.

Camp chief (and chef) is Timo “Mudi” Muttonen.

OEK-WE Plan B camp letter and equipment list