OEK-Wild Eagles Earth Hour 2021

The traditional OEK-Wild Eagles – Earth Hour -event will be held remotely this year.

We celebrate Earth Hour in our troop on two different days. You can participate on either of the days or on both of them. Do it on the way, how it feels the best.

We will make a climate promise to our planet and turn off the lights on Saturday, March 27th. from 20:30 to 21:30.

The climate promise can be made on the World Wildlife Fund website from this link: https://wwf.fi/earthhour/tee-lupaus-planeetalle/

(unfortunately, this link is only in Finnish. However, on this link there are some ideas in English how you can celebrate Earth Hour at home: https://latest.earthhour.org/earthhour-at-home?hsCtaTracking=19ae5736-45b6-4b93-88cd-88cc8ca1d699%7Cc980ae46-8b36-4ad4-8a22-8dbb5ca421d7

On Saturday 27.3. you can organize a supper for your immediate family by candlelight. Send your group leader a picture of how you celebrated turning off the lights. We are compiling a photo collage from this.

On Sunday 11.4. from 12 to 14 we will organize a remote event for every age group of the troop.

The program has many fun activities: sustainable development actions, crafting, baking and

den building.

You can register your child on this link: https://kuksa.partio.fi/Kotisivut/login.aspx?Id=40756

Please note that the deadline for the registrations is March the 30th, 2021. After that, unfortunately, the registration will no longer be possible. Everybody should receive the Earth Hour materials in time. We will post more detailed instructions to each participant, as well as a package of the materials to help to complete the Earth Hour tasks. If you have any questions related to the registration or to the event, please do not hesitate to contact susanna.kaurinkoski@erakotkat.fi