Covid-19 information

Last updated 20.8.2021


This update is valid until the 12th of September 2021.

⚜️ According to the regulations we unfortunately we cannot organise activities with whole troop together during September. The autumn term opening event will be arranged for each age group individually at different times on the same day. The group leaders will inform you separately about the September group meeting days and the programme in your respective WhatsApp groups.

⚜️ In September we will mainly organize scout meetings outdoors and we will follow and take all the Covid-19 instructions into consideration. Every child should have their own face mask along in every scout meeting. The leaders will monitor that the social distancing is taken care of during the scout meetings and that there is enough hand sanitizer for everyone.

⚜️ Please note that you can only attend scout meetings and events if you are completely healthy. Also report any exposure to Covid-19 immediately to your group leader.

⚜️ We will organise weekly scout meetings remote. In our events, we will follow the hygiene and safety regulations instructed by the authorities and Finnish Scouts.

⚜️ We have updated our group programs according to the new Covid-19 rules. Because of the new rules we have decreased the amount of the existing scout meetings. In addition, the remaining scout meetings will be held outdoors.

⚜️ Likewise, the meetings for the whole age group have been cancelled. Instead the group will make the same program with their own group and group leader. All of the groups will make similar activities and use similar materials during their normal scout meeting time.

⚜️ We will wear face masks for scout events indoors and outdoors in situations where the social distancing is not possible. Every child must always have their own face mask at the scout meeting, if for some reason will need to use the mask. We will always have enough hand sanitizer at our disposal when necessary. 

⚜️ We will also be introducing online meetings at scouts in the near future, because the autumn is getting dark and cold an then it is not always possible to meet outdoors. We will organise online meetings on Google Meets. Children can attend the meeting by phone, tablet or computer. The group leader will inform about the online meetings in advance and will give instructions to everybody.

⚜️ Please note:

  • You can only attend scout meetings and events in complete health.
  • Report any exposure for Covid -19 immediately to your group leader.

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