Greetings from the scout group leader
Covid-19 instructions
Autumn program



The autumn season has begun with slightly milder restrictions. We hope that vaccination coverage will increase quickly and get back to normal activity.


I am really happy that we were able to hold a summer camp and spend a fun week in Kotkanpesä.


This year marks the 60th anniversary of the scout group. Corona has reduced the chances of celebrating, but we will try our best to find a time during Christmas to celebrate together. The official reception is 2.10. 13.00 in Kotkanpesä.


Autumn is the time for new groups and I welcome Little Hawks to OEK-WE. We have had good growth and all the groups are almost full. If your friend wants to come along, you can contact us through our website. The family group starts in Suurpelto and more information is available at teemu.helasharju (at)


The scout group is doing well and we are constantly developing things. There are new projects e.g. crisis management completed in the summer, event planning tool and autumn activity plan. We are negotiating hard to get a new meeting space from the corners of Suurpello in Lillhemt and I hope that a solution will be found during the autumn. The house is right on the edge of Henta and can be seen from Suurpello.


The covid-19 instruction allows us to assemble inside with caution and mask use. The weather is still good and the meetings will definitely be out there.


During the autumn, the trip season also begins. The first to arrive is the Hôtel Eagle from 8th to 10th of October, which is intended for trackers, explores’, rovers and adults. At the beginning of November, there is a traditional Suopunki, where You practice hiking skills, cooking and spend the night in winter tents. Suopunki is November 5th-7th. and it is for trackers and explorers. The Christmas trip will be arranged again. It is a trip of the whole scout group to Kavalahti on December 10th-12th. We have booked the whole area. Family Scouts are welcome to meet our oldest scout group members on Saturday 11 December. 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Happy fall everyone!



scout group leader