Table of Contents 

  1. Editorial 
  2. Troop Leader’s greetings 
  3. Troop Notice Board 
  4. Scout Program 
  5. Upcoming Scout Events 
  6. Volunteer Support Leader’s greetings

1. Editorial

Sunny greetings to all scout families,

I hope you have enjoyed the sunny days and been outside a lot. This is the second newsletter of the spring, and we head towards summer holidays. The newsletter will continue again in the autumn, hopefully filled with more scout programs. 

Within May, you will receive a small feedback survey of  the newsletter,  which we will tailor according to your needs.

I wish very sunny May to you,

-Essi, Communication Leader

2. Troop Leader’s greetings 

Schools will end in just a few weeks. The Covid -19 situation is a little bit easier and we can meet again. Big sad news is the cancellation of the Väiski camp because of the Covid -19 situation. We have been planning to have our own summer camp from July 28th to Aug 1st. We will inform you about the possibility of the camp as soon as we have more details.

Have a nice summer and keep healthy.

-Mudi, Troop Leader 

3. Troop Notice Board 

The board wishes you a happy summer! We hope to meet in the autumn in better terms than this spring. Follow the troop Instagram and other channels!

-OEK- WE Board 

4. Scout Program

In May the groups will gather once or twice for online-  or  outdoor meetings. In addition we will have a tinkering event for the whole troop on Saturday the 29th of May. 

This month we will focus the scout program of the groups on ‘the Finnish children’s  forest trip day’ and ‘the National bird week for the children’. Both of them are organised in May. Our continuous theme for the scout program is sustainable development as wellThe program will be planned to be age group appropriate.

The cubsadventurers and trackers will get to know life in the forest and most of the groups will make a small trek or bird trip to the close neighbourhood this month.  

The explorers have been prepared for the Scout Masterchef cooking competition, which is held at the end of the month. 

-Susanna, Youth Program Leader

5. Upcoming Scout Events   

Covid 19 – information:

The groups will meet online or outdoors during May. If the meeting is held outdoors we will follow the Covid -19 instructions carefully: Every child must have their own face mask, we will keep the social distance properly and we use the hand sanitizer when needed. The current guidelines are valid until further notice. You will find the Covid -19 information for the troop here.

Group meetings: 

Scouts groups will have approximately two online or outdoor scout activities in May. The group leader will inform the dates via whatsapp as soon as possible.

Tinkering Event: 

On Saturday the 29th of May at 12 o’clock (for the whole troop). You will receive more information later this week. You can register to the event: 

The Scout Masterchef competition:

On Friday the 28th of May at 18 o’clock at the yard of the Youth Club House in Haukilahti (for the Explorer scouts only). You can enroll along here.

6. Volunteer Support Leader’s greetings 

Great thanks to all the superb leaders in our troop at the end of the scout season. We will organize a closing coffee event for the leaders at the end of spring season. More information will be distributed on the Slack channel.

-Jenna, Volunteer Support Leader