April Newsletter

Table of Contents 

  1. Editorial 
  2. Troop Leader’s greetings 
  3. Troop Notice Board 
  4. Scout Program 
  5. Upcoming Scout Events 
  6. Volunteer Support Leader’s greetings

1. Editorial

Spring greetings to all scout families,

Last winter we collected some feedback about our Troop communication. Your wishes for an active newsletter have been heard. We would like to hear your input  about the newsletter so that we would be able to make the newsletter to be even better.

I wish very sunny April to you,

-Essi, Communication Leader

2. Troop Leader’s greetings 

As a Troop Leader I am very proud of our brisk troop. We have been fine in the middle of the online scout events and meetings, as well as we have managed to carry all the worries about the corona virus situation. In addition, we have been able to be active and creative within our troop. 

Despite the situation, we have constantly new projects to conceive. This newsletter is a good example of the development. We would like to be a more overt troop and share our latest news with our members, and therefore we will produce a newsletter to our scout families once a month.

Besides the newsletter it is worth following us on Instagram (@olarinerakotkat), Facebook and Linkedln. We update our website actively, so all the necessary information will be found on the site.

This year is very special for us, as we celebrate our 60th anniversary. The Wild Eagles’ journey from the old wooden church in Niittykumpu and from Hannuksenkuja in Iivisniemi to Suurpelto has been valiant. I have been able to be involved along this journey soon for 53 years. I hope from all my heart that we will be able to throw a great celebration in autumn.  

-Mudi, Troop Leader 

3. Troop Notice Board 

Our Board has met once a month this year, and we have focused on e.g. for the 2020 financial statement, the audit of operations and the statutory spring meeting.

In addition to these administrative functions, we are constantly monitoring the development of the goals we have set, such as the new meeting place, knowledge of the youth program, the updating of the communications and the annual calendar, and the caring of our leader team.

The board has also applied for operating grants and support grants applications, as well as applied for and distributed medals to both young scouts and the leaders. We are also preparing for the Sustainable Scouting -project, which we will tell more about in the May newsletter.

-OEK- WE Board 

4. Scout Program

In April the groups will gather every fortnight for online meetings. Additionally we  have organised a joint online event for everybody on the 11th of April. You will find the Covid -19 information for the troop here: https://erakotkat.fi/en/covid-19-information/

This month we will focus the scout program of the groups on nature in the spring, sustainable development  and the events of the annual scout week. The program will be planned to be age group appropriate.

The cubs, adventurers and trackers have focused on the good  environmental deeds and observation of nature in springtime by using the Earth Hour and Nature Alliance -materials.

The explorers have been practicing according to their scout program their normal life skills. In addition we made Safe For Harm -online training, which is meant for all over 15 years old scouts.

Traditional  Earth Hour -event was organised this year online for all the age groups. We were pondering the biodiversity of nature, sustainable development and our own role in protecting the natural environment. It was great to be able to observe the  joyous group work of the enthusiastic younger and a little bit older scouts during the event.

-Susanna, Youth Program Leader

5. Upcoming Scout Events   

We are waiting for the instructions from Finnish Guides and Scouts as well as from the Scouts of the Metropolitan Area for the scout activities and events in May. It looks that we are able to meet about every other week and we are planning to organise one independent activity for all groups.

We are looking forward to the main event of the summer – the Väiski 2021 Camp. Our troop is sharing the same sub camp with Leppävaaran Korvenkävijät in summer. (We will receive more information about the Väiski by the beginning of May.)

Summer and the camps are the best that you can find within scouting. Hopefully we will see at the Väiski-camp.

6. Volunteer Support Leader’s greetings 

As a volunteer support leader I am proud of every leader in our troop. I try my best to thank, support and inspire as well as organise meaningful programs for them.

We will organise our own program for our leaders, and then we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. We will for example make trips to the Eagles Nest, visit climbing parks or have combined pizza- and games nights together.

The competence and training of the leaders are very important to us in Wild Eagles. Our leader team participates in different training and seminars yearly. The most important training for scouts are the first aid -courses, upbringing training of different age groups and the leadership courses. In August our leaders are attending a ‘Johtaja tulet’ -event, which is a great place for networking and updating for the latest scout information.

-Jenna, Volunteer Support Leader