OEK – WE Newsletter

I / 2021

Hi there,

We have all had a quite difficult and challenging year behind us. None of us would have imagined at  the beginning of the last year that the coming months would have turned out the way as they finally did. Home, school, work and hobbies have been in the grip of quite a stir. I am glad that the pandemic has not treated us the most in the worst way, although quite difficult it has been.

Our troop has been operating remotely and outdoors for a year now, and  the last months  only remotely. I am proud of you all, that you have been enthusiastically involved. The main philosophy of the patrol, working together, has been challenging. Hopefully the restrictions and vaccinations will reverse the direction of the spread of the disease and we will be able to return to normal scouting. Thank you all for coping!

Despite the pandemic, OEK-WE is doing well. We are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the troop this year. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate properly in the fall. Although the weekly activities at the moment are only half of the scouting actions of the regular times, a lot has happened in the background. We have our own direction of where we want to go and who we would like to become in the future. At the core of the future activities is scouting: weekly meetings, events and excursions. We want everyone to have fun and that they feel like being OEK-member. OEK-WE is Finland’s most multicultural and distinctive scout troop. There is nowhere such a scout troop like us. We see and know that scouting is at its best diverse, when it understands global issues and it works for sustainable development. Alongside the traditional youth program, things have emerged that our troop would like to promote: peace education, understanding and listening to others, and being active in our own living environment, and actions for the benefit of the environment. We will invest in these matters in the coming years.

Scouting is open for everyone. You can join us at any age, we welcome you from any background and even without any scouting experience. Children, young people, adults – everyone is welcome. We will help you to get started and we will assist  everyone in finding a suitable place for themselves so that they can participate in the activities of the scout troop. Tell a friend or ask a neighbor to join. At scouts there is always a vacancy and many meaningful tasks to do for everybody. From my own experience I can tell you that scouting in big and small doses is meaningful for yourself and for the others. We have a new multicultural adult scout group in our troop. They have just started their activities last fall, you are most welcome aboard!

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Our website tells you the most important news and how to reach us. You all scout families at home are important to us and we would like to tell you how our troop performs.


Timo “Mudi” Muttonen

troop leader

Olarin Eräkotkat -Wild Eagles ry

timo.muttonen (at) erakotkat.fi