Olarin Eräkotkat – Wild Eagles program during the February

We will follow the Covid -19 situation and the consequent restrictions. The meetings will be in line with the current corona regulations; we will be receiving updated Covid -19 regulations from the Finnish Guides and Scouts (Suomen Partiolaiset) and the Scouts of the Metropolitan Area (Pääkaupunkiseudun Partiolaiset) at the end of February (28.2.), and new information will be shared once we have the latest details.

 Each group will have two scout activities in February (outdoors when possible). We will update the program monthly at the moment. This arrangement will continue until the corona situation allows for more regular and in-person meetings.

We are all very much looking forward to going back and being together in the forest and at camps once again, but for the moment we unfortunately cannot organise other Scout events or trips. Once it is safe to do so we look forward to seeing everybody again!