Adventurer’s autumn day trip to Peurantupa 7.10.2018

Wild Eagles Adventurers and Metsäsudet set off to Nummela on Sunday morning

It was cloudy and the air was crisp but this didn’t slow us down. Once there we kicked off with some fun games including fire tag and Kirkonrotta.

Then we got down to business: carving and bonfires. Riku showed us different ways how to build a fire.  We discussed fire safety including how easily materials catch on fire. 

Then we cooked (and some burnt…) some sausages on our excellent fire. This was only the appetizer and the main course was enjoyed inside the cabin.

Next on the agenda, we had a nature-themed orienteering followed by creating a nature observational notebook.

Sadly after this it was already time to go home. What a fun day in the forest.